CarelessFly (carelessfly) wrote,

"Arising Hero" par Funker Vogt (Faderhead Remix)

"Arising Hero" par Funker Vogt (Faderhead Remix).

He fought his final battle
Beside his old companions
A handful of brave soldiers
Prevented the apocalypse

Didn`t care for his own life
Didn`t care if he died
He grasped his final chance
Put an end to his torment

Now our hero is risen
Escaped his mental prison
His sins are forgiven
A new era to live in

In the end he is mortal
Free to settle where he likes
Growing old and forgetting
All that happened in his past

His whole life he sought redemption
Praying so long for absolution
Always had the best intention
Fighting for the revolution

Words: K.Schmidt
Music: G.Thomas

Tags: funker vogt, musique

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